About Us


At UPDIGIT we are a result-oriented team of Insightful Digital Marketers, Creative Designers, Storytellers and Exceptional Strategists.

UPDIGIT was founded to help clients navigate the pace of digital change, allowing them to engage with their customers in more meaningful ways by communicating their own USP in the form of a meaningful story.

Top Digital Marketing Firm UPDIGIT: Odisha's Finest


UPDIGIT works with companies and groups to help them get to know their customers well. Then, they come up with good plans and ideas to make sure customers are happy and that the company’s brand is well-defined.


Creativity is at the heart of our DNA. It is the foundation of the skillsets of our team that transforms into commitment to our clients.

Respecting Everyone

We firmly believe in respecting each other, our clients, the work, our boundaries, our employees – always. It is via respect that we build trust and demonstrate our dedication to each other, our mission and our vision.

Expressing Oneself

Creativity shines when everyone is empowered and able to express their true self, whether that is loud, quiet, weird or wild. Everyone is welcome to express whatever is unique to them.

Make It Better

Our dedication to the craft of digital marketing propels us to not only deliver what’s expected, but beyond expectations to produce work of genuine and lasting value.

Being Relentlessly Curious

We never settle for less and are never satisfied with the obvious, the easy and the convenient. We explore the ins and outs of the markets around us with constant curiosity and infuse that research and learning in our work.

Embracing Change

Change is the only constant in this world. We truly embrace it, view everything new as an opportunity and value resilience in how we move beyond limits.